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Rep. McMakin Files House Concurrent Resolutions Aiming for Safer Roadways and Improved Traffic Flow


Baton Rouge, LA— State Representative Dixon McMkain filed three House concurrent resolutions urging the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) to take action regarding growing highway safety concerns throughout the Capital Region. 

“Louisiana citizens spend an obnoxious amount of time stuck in traffic,” said Rep. Dixon McMakin, the sole author of the Traffic Solutions Package. “This collection of House Concurrent Resolutions delves into the heart of various issues that contribute to accidents and congestion. It’s time to get families out of traffic and back home with their loved ones.”

The Traffic Solutions Package includes:

Acknowledging the significant safety risks posed by the Washington Street exit on I-10, the HCR 74 urges the Department of Transportation and Development to review road conditions and close the exit to improve safety for motorists and reduce traffic congestion. 

Recognizing the lack of indication for merging lanes at Exit 159 on the Essen Lane ramp of I-10 West, HCR 75 urges the Department of Transportation and Development to implement clear signage to ensure driver awareness and reduce accidents.

Addressing traffic efficiency concerns at the Perkins Road intersection of LA-427, HCR 76 requests for uniform median space for all lanes to improve traffic flow and minimize delays.

These resolutions underscore Rep. McMakin’s commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of Louisiana residents and visitors. By urging action from the Department of Transportation and Development, Rep. McMakin aims to enhance roadway safety, reduce accidents, and promote smoother traffic flow across the Capital Region. 



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