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Representative McMakin Appointed to Pivotal Commerce and Labor Committees


Baton Rouge, LA — Representative Dixon McMakin (R-Baton Rouge) announced his committee assignments for the 73rd Louisiana Legislature. He will serve on the House Committees on Commerce and Labor. 

Rep. McMakin intends to use his background as a financial advisor on the Commerce Committee to craft substantive policy reforms that will drive Louisiana toward a more robust economy. Leveraging his legal expertise, Rep. McMakin aims to utilize his experience within the House Labor Committee to foster a business-friendly environment that creates more jobs and opportunities for Louisiana citizens. 

“I’m humbled by the trust Speaker DeVillier has placed in me through these committee assignments,” said Rep. McMakin. “We have much work ahead of us, but our legislative body is up for the challenge, especially with new leadership at every level of state government.”

Rep. McMakin believes accessibility is paramount to an effective legislative office. He urges constituents across the district to stay up-to-date by following his social media accounts, signing up for his newsletter, and contacting his legislative office through email with any questions or concerns. 



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